What is written in the Miroslav Gospel?

The word Evangelion is of Greek origin and means: good news, joyful news. The most important news for Christians is the Resurrection of Christ. 

Although the accepted name of the manuscript is the Miroslav Gospel, it is an Evangelistary. That means it contains the texts of all four Evangelists, whose chapters are arranged according to the daily readings in the church. The Evangelistary is the main liturgical book, symbolising Christ himself (‘… and God was the Word/Logos’). 

The readings of the Miroslav Gospel begin with Easter (the Passover), which is a moveable feast. Readings on fixed dates begins from p. 294. It is believed that the Greek Evangelistary, from which the basic model was translated, originated from the library of the Church of Hagia Sofia in Constantinople, where St. Cyril was a librarian for some time.