Miroslav gospel

The oldest preserved Serbian Cyrillic manuscript

The Miroslav Gospel is the oldest preserved Serbian Cyrillic manuscript. It was written in the last quarter of the 12th century for Miroslav, the ruler of Hum and the elder brother of Symeon Nemanja. Since its creation, the Miroslav Gospel has had the status of a Serbian relic. In all likelihood, this gospel used to be a sacred book used to perform the Divine Liturgy when the Hilandar Monastery was founded. In the next seven centuries, it was presented on solemn occasions, as the principal gospel. In 1896, the monks presented the Miroslav Gospel to King Alexander Obrenović, and since then, its fate has taken an unusual direction…

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What is written in the Miroslav Gospel?

Miroslavljevo jevanđelje, strane 136 i 137

The word evangelion is of Greek origin and means: good news, joyful news. The most important news for Christians is the Resurrection of Christ.

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When was the Miroslav Gospel written?

Miroslavljevo jevanđelje u Hilandaru

The exact time when the Miroslav Gospel was written is unknown. It is possible that Miroslav’s commissioning the evangelistary to be written was connected with the construction of his endowment…

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Miroslav, Prince of Hum

Pečat kneza Miroslava. Rekonstrukcija - A. Palavestra

In the last decades of the 12th century, Serbia was ruled by Grand Zhupan Stefan Nemanja, with the assistance of his brothers, Stracimir and Miroslav…

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Facsimile edition of the Miroslav gospel

Gold Edition

In march 2019, the sheets of the new, Gold Edition of the Miroslav Gospel were printed. The result is in front of you.

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